Our REITs are comprised of value-add, mixed-use buildings located in major metros. What makes a REIT special, aside from substantial tax advantages, is its diversification across a portfolio of properties. We take this a step further and build diversification into the very buildings themselves. Mixed-use buildings contain office space, residential, retail, and other potential uses all in the same location. This variety of tenants ensures the buildings do not have to rely on any one sector, and are more resilient in times of economic downturn.

The office space in our buildings will be a mix of traditional long-term tenants and flexible working space managed by Space-as-a-Service (SPaaS) operators. Legion will conduct its proprietary Legionnaire startup accelerator program within this flex space. Legion will retain a small portion of equity from every startup who launches from our program in exchange for mentorship, education, and networking. The accelerator will generate short-term revenue through profit sharing agreements with business service providers, government and private donor grants, and corporate sponsorships. Additionally, startups may lease space in the flex workspace of our buildings. Long-term revenue will be generated from the sale of equity in the event of an acquisition or IPO. All accelerator revenue will be funneled out to shareholders of the REIT along with the dividends created from the income produced by the properties in the portfolio.

Utilizing commercial space in an innovative way will maximize our shareholders' returns, provide resilience, and create a true alternative investment! Meanwhile, and most importantly, revitalizing every community that contains a Legion-owned building. Together we can crowdfund the future of cities for a brighter tomorrow!

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