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Legion was founded in Boise, Idaho in 2021 by Nathan Pancake, P. Simon Mahler. We are a social impact, commercial real estate crowdfunding platform. Our name comes from the legions of ancient Rome. And just like those legions, we and our investors are a group of people that come together to do something bigger than ourselves which could not be accomplished alone!

Legion's mission is to redefine microeconomic development by creating virtuous circles in urban and rural America. We are creating a community of people who are dedicated to economic security and development. We revitalize communities through a combination of value-add, mixed-use commercial real estate development coupled with our entrepreneurship education services.

The virtuous circle begins with the built environment itself. As our portfolio of properties grows through value-add acquisitions and ground-up developments, the value and quality of the communities themselves improves!

The circle continues by owner-operating flex office space for our proprietary entrepreneurship education services. We lift up local entrepreneurs and help them create their vision of the future with the success of their small business! We offer programs that cater to different sized ventures, everyone from mom & pops to larger endeavors.

We believe that small business creation and commercial real estate, together, can create untold opportunities for economic development and security. While creating massive value for all stakeholders in every step of the value chain.

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Our Team

Chief Executive Officer
Nathan W. Pancake
Chief Operations Officer
P. Simon Mahler

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